Sunday, October 11, 2009

Undocument about network properties for Cluster Shared Volumes with Hyper-V R2

Managed to setup Hyper-V R2 cluster on Cluster Shared Volumes with Windows Server 2008 R2 (Server Core) and everything is working fine... BUT... why when using Full Installation having an issues??????? Can't remember exactly the error message but......

DO NOT DISABLE - Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Print Sharing on Heartbeat network.. that's it...

on server core can't find the way to uncheck it so leave it as default.. that's why it's working without any problem...

Not sure that what is the recommend from Microsoft for other clustering i think should uncheck it if you are not using cluster shared volumes...

BTW -> Change the priority of network also
Heartbeat should be the lowest one 1,000

Live Migration -> 1,100

Production -> 10,000

By default if network is used for public it will start with 10,000, Internal start from 1,000
Use Powershell to check the priority

Get-ClusterNetwork | ft Name, Metric, AutoMetric
Name Metric
---- ------
Heartbeat 1000
LiveMigration 1100
Production 10000

Change the metric by using this command.
$cn = Get-ClusterNetwork ""
$cn.Metric =

Cluster Shared Volumes
-> Pass-through disk is not supported
-> GPT Partition is not supported so it the size is limit to 2TB per LUN
*** can't find the link about this anymore but seem to be now GPT already supported...***
-> All the LUNS will mount to C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1, C:\ClusterStorage\Volume2....
-> C:\ClusterStorage can't changed.
-> VolumeXX can be changed -> C:\ClusterStorage\LUN01-VMs
-> DPM 2007 SP1 not supported but DPM 2010 yes..
-> I heard that CA Arcserve Backup already supported.
-> Recommend to separate network for live migration -> tested with cross cable throughput is up to 130MB/sec (1Gbps)

will continue

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