Thursday, November 19, 2009

Live Migration, Cluster Shared Volumes and Pass-through disk

One thing to note that with CSV is not required for Live Migration in Windows Server 2008 R2 but..... "one VM per LUN "
Live Migration - How it works?
- A new VM is created on the target server.
- The initial memory state is copied from the source to the targer over the live migration network (can be configure from Failover Cluster Management)
- Memory pages that were changed during the copy process are marked, and the pages are copied over as well. This process continues until the number of pages is relatively small
- The VM is paused on the source node, and the state of the VM is copied to the target node.
- The VM is resumed on the target node, the VM on the source is removed.

Cluster Shared Volumes is come in-place to solve the problem of one VM per LUN so don't confusing that CSV is required for Live Migraiton...

You can do Live Migration on the VM that using pass-through also.. just required some more step to enable it but first make sure that pass-through LUN must present to all the hosts in cluster.
Stop VM from Failover Cluster and adding the pass-through disk to the VM then click on the "Refresh virtual machine configuration" then turn on the VM... that's it..

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