Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SharePoint with Remote SQL and DPM

- KB941422 is required (WSS hotfix)
- KB940349 is required (VSS Hotfix)
- Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 should be SP1 as a minimum.
- Required another SharePoint Farm for restoration
- Create web application call DPMRecoveryWebApplication and don't create site collection list
- WSS FE (required admin account of sharepoint farm)
- > ConfigureSharepoint -EnableSharePointProtection
After it's done use dcomcnfg to check DCOM Config -> WSSCmdletsWrapper and account for the service "Windows SharePoint Services VSS Writer"
- > ConfigureSharepoint -EnableSPSearchProtection (new in DPM 2007 SP1)
-> Change the service "SQL Server VSS Writer" to use same account that configure for FE

One more thing. By Design, DPM 2007 won't allow protection on data that already been protected by another protection group. If you already create protection group on remote SQL you will not able to protect SharePoint anymore so remove SQL Protection first then you will be able to back it up.

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